December 14, 2019

Faye Reagan American pornographic film actor

Faye Reagan is an American porn actress who specializes only in vaginal and oral sex and does not act in anal pleasures, considering them unacceptable. Also, the beauty is removed in a strawberry, where you need to masturbate and demonstrate your charms. And we can say that in non-anal pleasures, Faye Reagan is a good judge and skillfully realizes herself there, taking advantage of a good audience interest.


● Born: September 19, 1988

● Country: USA

● City: Nashville, Tennessee

● Height: 163 cm

● Weight: 49 kg

● Work: Porn actress

● Career: 2007 – 2016 (9 years)

● Tits: Size – 3 / g.k. – average / / real

● Piercing: Left nostril

● Ethnic origin: European / Caucasian

Faye Reagan is known for her red hair, freckled face and puffy nipples. In a 2011 interview, she talked about how she somehow got into an adult business after meeting with a recruiter at a wedding she attended. Inspired by her boyfriend at the time, she decided to try porn. Fay only recently lost her virginity with her boyfriend before she ended up in the movie and was very surprised when she really liked it.

Gauntlet 3 was one of her earliest films, which tested her to the limit. She performed with 8 partners (men) and had sex on camera for a long period of time. Faye Reagan said it was “the dirtiest movie she has ever made.” Soon after, Faye decided that she would only perform with girls for the next 2 years. This was followed by a two-year break, after which Reagan again decided to star in the scene with the boy, but already on her own terms.

In a 2009 interview with Pornotopia, Faye states that anal sex will not be part of her repertoire, but she enjoys rough sex such as choking and role playing. Discussing her sex life, she says: “Most of everything I do in your personal life, you can’t do on camera!”

In his spare time from filming, Faye Reagan loves to make exquisite things and jewelry. She is really shy about dancing in front of people, so she, most likely, did not become a strip dancer, like most of her colleagues on the stage. In addition to her adult work, Fay took part in the modeling business, advertising American clothes on the catwalk.

“I’m just a dirty pervert …” says Faye Reagan (Faye Valentine), a bisexual beauty who is even more dirty behind the camera than in front of her. The sexy little star is convinced that dirty talk is the fastest way to make her horny. Being flexible and flexible, Faye’s favorite pose is to throw his legs behind his head.

Red hair and freckles on it are combined together like peanut butter with jam (probably Americans consider it delicious), and with her incredible body and sexual energy, Faye Reagan is one of the most delicious babes in porn. The actress began her career in 2007, and Faye’s popularity began to skyrocket after she appeared in an American Apparel advertisement a year later. Then the girl had over 250 shootings in films and 14 nominations for the AVN award. This impressive figure made Fay one of the most recognizable stars in the genre. Well, charming freckles also played a role.

If you like red-haired girls by nature, Fei is for you! Her hair is natural red, as are freckles on her face.

Faye has a regular partner, Dane Cross, who is also her filming colleague. Since 2007, they starred together.

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