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Japanese Snow Crab Ice Cream from one Yen Place is a snowy treat at Araki Castle in Japan

As winter gets colder, go whale watching in Scotland or sail down to the River Clyde in Scotland. However, for those simply looking for luxury in the cold, come seek the ultimate in luxury in the Christmas Market at Araki Castle in Japan. The Japanese Snow Crab From One Yen Place Ice Cream at 3 MICE Partners Ice Cream Co. runs from December 25 through to January 1 and is so Japanese and so good.

The Japanese Snow Crab comes to Araki Castle with a melted ice cream on the inside and a frozen base at the bottom of the bowl. It has been known to eat one ten-cent dollar packet of salt-washed salt before it melts, and the crunchy ice cream is made with quality ingredients so that the taste of the Japanese Snow Crab has a rare dessert essence.

Situated right on the beach and in two different locations in Aki and Ariozu, 3 MICE Partners Ice Cream Co. shops and restaurants from December 25 through to January 1, 2019, daily at 15:00 to 20:00 or by appointment at 22:00 with reservation. 2.0-MATE MICE Partners Ice Cream Co. served ice cream with Japanese Snow Crab $5 per large serving and $8 per serving with Japanese Snow Crab Wei Soi, (At This Place in Aki) Ice Cream with a Japanese Ice Crab $2 per medium serving, (At The Place in Ariozu) Ice Cream with a Japanese Snow Crab $2 per small serving. Mice restaurant: Daily at 20:00.

Details: Araki Castle is right on the beach of Tokyo Bay in Aki, Japan. There are restaurants and shops that are open from the warm winter.

Sea view at Araki Castle, Aki: a white stone sea view, winter nights, hours open for both indoor and outdoor use by reservation.

Arrivals at Araki Castle: Mercury 1632, Hirosaki Hotel Tokyo Metropolis, Ishikawa, Abenaki, 12524, Agatessen, 12330, Senso, 12325, Manabe Akasaka, 12414, Andoikura, 12521.

Open 24/7 7/7 Japanese only, purchase accommodation and meals by reservation with payment at

3 MICE Partners are specialized in traditional Japanese cuisine and offering Japanese cuisine and other foods like the mushrooms, pungent chilli and sourdough delicacies in various styles.

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Kobe: Five Delicious Hotel Eateries in Kyoto

Tokyo travel bloggers prefer experiencing real Kyoto from the ground level. Some chefs cater strictly to guests with vegan, fish, seafood, and meat-free diets, while others hope to generate interest by providing menus highlighting both the traditional Japanese ingredients and the latest international ingredients. Kyoto-based ramen and noodle chain noodle restaurants perfectly blend traditional ingredients with modern fusion ramen dishes. In the same vein, traditional dessert shops specialize in Japanese flavors accented with simple ingredients and earthy flavors. Our readers recommend these five decadent options, among their many amazing and exotic favorites. You can find out more about Kyoto landmarks and visit the Kyoto site at .

Bosi Bun Factory & Pastry Shop

For centuries, Kyoto’s holy city of Higashi-gumi, Kobori, has been a popular tourist stopover for eating traditional cultural products, and in the past, visitors relied on traditional Japanese-style restaurants for the experience. Today, many Kyoto eateries are targeting international guests. For authentic authentic experience, Japanese-American restaurant Bosi Bun Factory and Pastry Shop won us over. All tofu dishes here feature tofu straight from the Josper oven instead of the dehydrated tofu commonly found in many European and U.S. restaurants. The next time you have a craving for organic tofu, stop by this restaurant in Kobori’s St. Mary’s district for a real authentic Japanese experience.


This traditional Japanese restaurant located in the nearby Sensoji temple is known for its signature treats that take inspiration from traditional Japanese desserts like gachiko rice kabuki rice balls. Drizzled with chocolate and shoyu and decorated with flowers, this dessert is an exciting departure from all modern or traditional desserts that normally take place at most Kyoto restaurants. Got 2 minutes? Grab a snack with your friends, or treat yourself to one of these delicious offerings!

Enomatic Joke Bar

If you’re in the mood for a quick laugh, rather than a heavy meal, tour Goka-gawa-museum and enter this attraction. Before entering, you can watch short documentaries that explain the history of Kyoto as a Zen temple town. Afterwards, pick up a single won ton filled with golden-sugar jam with bear taro, a Kyoto classic, at the Enomatic Joke Bar. The fun wouldn’t be complete without a laugh or two.

Kobori Joke Shop Cafe

Unpretentious and far more casual than the Joke Bar, this cafe is perfect for those short of time who don’t want to leave the cozy Kyoto streets. Refreshing plain, classic, Japanese-style tea and tofu offerings provide an exciting tea ritual with a coffee break for those who want to continue enjoying a nice cup of coffee later on.

Quinoa Noodle Shop

One of the most unusual eating experiences in Japan is ice cream that tastes like quinoa. This is a crispy, smooth, and delicious dessert that is difficult to find in the U.S. Many restaurants and bars now serve this dessert and it can be particularly addicting on cold days. For those who aren’t open to the thought of taking a bite of this delicacy, these delicious noodles are excellent vegetarian-friendly cuisine. Satisfy your craving by enjoying a warm bowl of this delicious dish while we wait for the next helpful piece of Kyoto tourism knowledge that we can share with you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Photo courtesy of Maputolocation