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Pilgrimage to Unearthed Memories

Hanashi, Kyoto! A 2-Night Stay

The all-inclusive 10 day tour is highly recommended by the Accomodation Network Travel. This is not your run of the mill longer-haul Thailand tour. Look out for the Japanese characteristics that should set it apart. The Samurai Days tour with Kintetsu Airlines last summer!

Travel Dates

Jan 8th-16th

Departure: Kintetsu Airlines Hiroshima Japan (30 miles short of Hiroshima)

Beginning: Hanashi

Stopover: Tokyo(TTokyo Air Terminal)

Main Destination: Kyoto (Japan’s most peaceful city)

Duration: 14 days

Departure: Hanashi, Japan

Duration: 14 days

Price: USD 64

Berlin (Ruhr) – Taking You to the Heart of Westphalia

This latest in the collection of soul train comes from the Malftire Berlin-JFK-Seattle – Seattle – Kanagawa Route, and tells the story of two torn people going west – Berlin for Kleine Ruhr heritage, and the poets wanting to remain in Japan in this re-incarnation of modern Japan. The tour takes you through the town of Passau, the old woods (hot springs and more) and nearly the Alps, all based on the Biblical journey of Adam and Eve – and meadows, snow and other simple and peaceful things.

Travel Dates

Nov 1st – 3rd

Departure: Tour 1

Starting: Dresden (48 miles southeast of Hanhashi)

Stopover: Dresden

Main Destination: Hanhashi

Duration: 12 days

Departure: Dresden

Duration: 12 days

Price: USD 60

Tokyo (Tsushima) – Reading ‘Melancholia’

Here in Japan the streets of Tokyo are lined with hundreds of sushi bars catering to every nationality and taste. If you’re looking for something different from your meals you can take off for Tsushima just north of the Imperial palace. This trip focuses on the traditional rituals of Tsushima as it celebrates its 275th anniversary. Book a night at the unusual, 178-room -thought still nursing a glass of iced herbal sake – Metodo Tokyo.

Travel Dates

Feb 8th-10th

Departure: Tsushima

Starting: Traisiki – Andaman Express – Tsushima

Mar 5th-7th

Departure: Andaman Express

Starting: Tsushima, near Miyajima

Mar 7th-9th

Departure: Andaman Express

Mar 9th-10th

Mar 10th-11th

Start: Tsushima, near Miyajima

Departure: Traisiki

Mar 12th-15th

Mar 15th-16th

Svetlanova – Tatyana and ‘A Letter to Tatyana’

Think A Letters to Tatyana, this is the one where the Soviet poet asks Tatyana Borodina to continue her letters – until she was beaten to death by a man who refused to come home. The last part of this journey will close with Tatyana Borodina in the Kremlin Archive, the creaky, tiny museum at the end of a short, 8-foot walkway. The library that holds her correspondence is also at the end of the walkway, just below the government archives, in an annex. Now a private museum there are still copies of these letters everywhere.

Intermediate reader: 1.1/20 small>guide to Tsushima City. 1.5/20 medium>guide to Moscow City. 1.9/20 large>guide to Moscow Kremlin. 2.0/20 medium>guide to Russia. 1.4/20 large>guide to Japan. 4.1/20 guide to Japan. 1.0/20 medium>guide to Japan. 2.0/20 large>guide to China.

Accommodation: You’ll stay in traditional cottages, like at Farachikyu where owners are bearing down on generations of old Yashicayo (Japanese Yomisen) history. At

Nishisa they want to keep the pool after it has been neglected for 30 years and become part of a cultural sculpture in the plaza that honors a patron of the cloth.

Every location is backed by its own tour guide.

Visit Makishima Ruins on the second day of this trip.

The location is in 1km of rice fields on the rocky beaches of Lagimodiere, famed as one of the early Buddhist gardens in the Chinese city of Cangzhou. The view is simply breathtaking. If you don’t feel as if you want to take a rest, after a swim you can make a royal kaiseki (ste

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