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Rental cars, visiting Tokyo: a mashup of news, travel photos, reader tip advice and quesanthours (read more with our newsletter).

Please note we will not be running (yet) about high-speed rail, Miyagi Prefecture etc..


This leisure magazine gives you choice topics on dealing with everyday Japanese. If you have a leisure type of readership, this is the magazine that you would want to have with you.

I hope it is of value to you. As the name implies, this magazine is a reliable source of travel news. This week, we address a ski resort, new business to watch, renting a car, some advice on wagering at casinos, and a few local publications in Okinawa

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I saw this week’s guide to the resort near Tokyo…. , filled with all kinds of life…. . Tokyo is a good haven of snow flurries, and when I arrive on the slopes there’s no gray, nothing but white, full of running trails. The distances from valley to valley is becoming longer each year. I go up in a zero G machine chair and even this propeller chair in Zero G begins to feel like a zero G. . These are thrilling rides, a totally new experience for me. If you are interested in making the trek from the bottom of the biggest downhill mountain to the top, it’s an 11 hour mountain stroll. But it’s worth it, for the views of Japan and the countryside are breathtaking. For a smooth, simple and unforgettable vacation that’s not much more than flying by the hour, here’s your Recommended Price. Like next on Matcha Magazine!

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