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Top luxury hotel in Tokyo. In Ueno City

Please find the high and low locations of the top luxury hotel in Tokyo at

These scenic locations are for all kinds of travellers. In July and August there were high temperatures with humidity on the islands of Chuo-kiso and Yamaguchi-ken, but elsewhere the clouds gather around the mountains at the distance. This is because the weather is so cold and frosty there. Most people dislike such cold places and still flock to the sunshine of Tokyo.

The Sakura Hotels have a great location inside the heart of Tokyo, in the area of Ueno City. The Ueno Park is a glorious place to be. The falls in the park enjoy international attention, thanks to their lovely reflections in the lovely azure water. Ueno is not just the park. Some hotels here have patios beside the park. These include the Sakura Hotels Koike-kan, Sakura Hotels Kamisami, Sakura Hotels Matsushima and the recently opened Sakura Hotels Cohozan. It is a refreshing place to spend the whole day as nature never sleeps. In this park there are many interesting activities.

MATCHA specializes in luxury resorts with inviting hot springs, gardens and extensive beautiful scenery. The Sakura Hotels have the best and largest gardens and patios in Tokyo. You can admire flowers and shrubs, then when they come to life enjoy a walk and visit the fantastic gardens. For more information see .

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